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Why GAMMA Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps Are The Best

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The Magnificent Himalayan Mountains   Millions & millions of years ago, with the formation of the magnificent Himalayan Mountains, came the existence of Himalayan Mineral Salt Crystals. The Himalayas are the world's most tranquil, serene, peaceful and undeveloped region; therefore the salt crystals mined from the foothills of the Himalayas are still pure and untouched by pollution.
Tremendous pressure and heat refines the structure of the salt crystals and make them translucent. In comparison with European salt lamps, which are dull and opaque. When mining the salt at the Himalayas, use of dynamites is strictly prohibited to preserve the structure of the crystals. Mining by hand is painstaking and expensive.   Salt Crystal Mine
Raw Salt Crystals on the trailer   We at GAMMA International emphasize on the process of picking the salt crystals from which the lamps will be made, to insure that only the best crystals will be used to produce the world's best Salt Crystal Lamps.
Some of our Salt Crystal Craftsmen

One of the reasons that we are the top producers in the country, is that we do not compromise in selecting our craftsmen, who are the best in their field. We never hire any under age employees to cut corners. Our employees are paid the best salaries & health benefits are offered to all.

Just remember; when you purchase a Gamma Salt Crystal Lamp, you are contributing to making life a little better for so many.

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