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The Angel's Corner

Hello and Welcome to The Angel's Corner.

I would like to introduce myself for those who do not know me. My name is Maria and my last name is Angel (I was born with that name - it's not a stage name - just to clarify because I get that question a lot) and I am a co-owner of the company.

I do not presume to be an Angel but I do believe in Angels and that we all are blessed to have them around. Not only do we have the Angels sent by God, but also the ones who camouflage themselves as our friends or even in strangers that come to us at the right time or when least expected and touch our lives.

I wanted to use my name to give tribute to these Angels and use our company to spread a bit of goodness around the world. I have had many sources of Inspiration leading me to create this corner and I would like to acknowledge some of them here.

I would like to praise Miss Oprah Winfrey not only for her Angel network but also for all her labuor of love involving children and using her influence to fight poverty, abuse and in striving to make our planet a safe and a decent place to leave for future generations. I will also mention Former President Mr. Bill Clinton whose book "Giving" felt like a breath of fresh air. It gives us hope and a glance into the lives of others, like some of us, who are doing their part to improve and enrich not only their lives, but also the lives of the recipients. I could not pass up this opportunity to mention Former Vice-President Mr. Al Gore (Nobel Peace Prize - 2007) for all his work with his wonderful film "An Inconvenient Truth". He has been persistent in his global outreach and in trying to raise consciousness about the fragility of our Earth. In Canada, David Suzuki has been a pioneer in challenging our economic and cultural systems through the consistent promotion of conservation and building a sustainable economy.

A little closer to home, I have to mention my two daughters Gabriela (12) & Marian (10). They are a gift to us from God through his angels, after whom they have been named. Through their own initiative, they participate in Fund raising activities for the Heart and Stroke foundation, fundraising activities in their school and for the local community centre. Marian is growing her hair to donate for Cancer patients. Their kindness and compassion always makes us proud. We have been blessed in many different ways and we would like to share this with all of you, maybe you can be inspired too. Let's follow their vision and unite our efforts!

 Note: The mention of some political personalities is not meant to create any political statements, but just to mention some people that inspired me based on their work after leaving office.

What is the Angel's Corner?

We have commissioned our factory in Pakistan to create the Angel Salt Lamp for this purpose only. We will not be selling this Angel through any retailer, but exclusively through our site, in our effort to channel the Angel's Mission.

Angel Salt Lamp We will choose different charities and non-profit organizations throughout the year, committing a large portion of the money you paid to support them. We will be continually updating you at the Corner, keeping you informed of the progress and impact. Our list of recipient begins with organizations such as Plan Canada - - York Community Services - just to name a few. (See who you've helped support so far.)

We would like to encourage everybody who reads this to do whatever is within their means to give, if not through this Angel's Corner, in their on way by donating time, their skills and inspiration to your brothers and sisters, our beautiful Earth and to all its living creatures. Every bit counts!

We would like to thank all of our customers for their continuous support. Without all of you we would not be here. I can reassure you that we will continue to offer the best product on the market and the best customer services we can provide. We would also like to give a special thanks to our factory workers in Pakistan and to our staff at our main office in Toronto for the great work and commitment to our customers and to us.

Order Your Own Angel Salt Lamp and Support Our Efforts:

Angel Shaped Hand Crafted Salt Crystal Lamp
Angel Shaped Hand
Crafted Salt Crystal Lamp

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and reduces EMF.

Makes a unique gift for any occasion for the Angel lover in your life.

As with all of our salt lamps, this one comes with a 6' long UL approved 18 gauge SPT-2 cord
and a light bulb of appropriate wattage, not just 7 watts as many other companies do.

NOTE: Due to the donation being made, coupon codes are
valid on all items we sell except Angel Salt Lamps.

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